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Started in 2022, Carbon is the newest eco-friendly streetwear brand with over 75% of our inventory being environmentally friendly products. Our goal is to boost that number to 100% by 2025. To help reduce our carbon footprint, Carbon is strictly a virtual-only shopping experience. No in-person stores, no warehouse, and no headquarters. 100% META! All Carbon Clothing Co products are made to order by one of our few distributors around the world, which helps us to significantly reduce wasted materials.

This earth is a carbon-based life form, much like yourself. I am carbon, you are carbon, we are carbon. Together we need to look out for one another, and our home. That’s why here at Carbon we like to take an eco-friendly approach in everything we do. From recycled materials, bio-degradable, organic cotton, and more. We hope to reduce our carbon footprint, all while simultaneously helping you reduce yours. 

6% of all profits are donated to children, teens, & organizations around the world that are working hard to clean up this planet for generations to come.

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